Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keeping the Balance

The moment I find myself siding soley with someone or something, I know that I'm not acting wise. There are two sides to everything and wisdom to be gained everywhere. Our world today is full of people and institutions claiming they have the answers and have it all figured out.  Time, though, has a way of showing their foolishness.  Polarizing or forcing opinions and stances into corners always separates and diminishes any one person or idea's power.  Spirit and Truth, Republican and Democrat, Men and Women, Youth and Age - the list can go on for miles. As much as I love to be right and feel 100% convicted about most things, I need others to balance me. Without balance we all end up screaming at a wall, going nowhere, all by ourselves.

Today I pray for the self-control to look and listen to those I knock heads with to live a wise, balanced life. Any suggestions?

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