Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whoa, What Was That?

Here in Oklahoma we have a cute but cheesy saying about the weather.  "If you don't like the weather, just wait a while cuz it'll change!" Obviously poking fun at our rapidly changing weather that seems to come out of nowhere sometimes. But it is very true - from one day to the next you can have snow covering the ground and then high in the 70's. What sense does that make, right? Well, I think our lives are more like Oklahoma weather than we give it credit for.  How many times a week have you ever thought about a circumstance, someone else's attitude or attribute, or anything at all and bemoaned and belabored, perhaps just to yourself, how unbearable it was.  "I just can't live like this" or "I can't take it anymore" or any variation on the theme?  I can think of a couple right of the top of my head that I've experienced in the past few weeks.  Certain difficulties Randy has had adapting to cooking dinner for me instead of the other way around, certain 'handicaps' that have come with pregnancy and even my own attitudes.  After a while, it's easy to get to a point where your entire being wants to protest, throw a tantrum, beg for mercy, anything to make it stop.

Forgive my slowness (this baby seems to be sucking up all my mental capacities lately), but it finally crossed my mind that perhaps I was, yet again, just not being patient enough.   From last week to this week, a lot has changed and most of it for the better.  Doesn't life seem unbearable sometimes at night but in the morning suddenly it's not so bad?  Life can change in an instant so why do I assume mine can't or won't if I'll just wait a while?  Logic tells us that learning takes repeated efforts. Repeated efforts takes time. So, it would stand to reason that we can all learn to improve things if we give ourselves some time in which to do it.  It's a simple concept that I've been missing lately.  The Lord says to wait upon him, but sometimes we need to wait on each other just as much.

Completely unrelated - I love the zoo.  I love to go with Randy and wander around just because, taking pictures, having adventures and just being together. I also love to go with kids.  Everything is (usually) a newer or less familiar experience and there is SOO much to learn about animals, nature, geography, you name it! If I could make a living taking kids to the zoo, I would do it in a heartbeat! I'm sure a small part of it is my nostalgic feelings of a paper sack lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cheetos and a canned drink inside packed for the field trip when I was a kid.  But mostly, I just love animals and going to the zoo feels like I've stepped out of the city and can relax in nature, where I belong. Randy's been after me for a couple of years to just buy a zoo friends pass so I can go whenever I want and this year (since he has a job) I gave in.  So, if anyone wants to go to the zoo sometime, give me a call - I can get one guest in free! :)

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