Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You might want to check your facts first!

Did you hear about the Dutch speed skater that got disqualified because a coach gave him wrong directions during the race? Can you even begin to imagine how the skater AND the coach must have felt, or I guess are still feeling? We saw a news clip on NBC about it last night and my jaw literally dropped!  It's such a sad thing, especially since he was CLEARLY the winner of the race.  How would you have handled it? Obviously the skater was upset and didn't welcome (publicly) any consoling, but he was on display for the world. That's a lot to take.

Dial it down a bit and place it into us little people's lives.  Have you ever had a friend (intentionally or not) completely mislead you or give you all the wrong information?  I can't think of an individual that has impacted me in this way, but my perceptions and my own emotions have, I think.  Whether it involves comparisons or maybe just what I think is right or justified, my feelings can run the show before I've even had (taken) the chance to see if they have a real leg to stand on.  For instance, there are some feelings that have carried over from my teenage years that were out right feminism and undermining my relationship with Randy.  If you had asked me before, 'Has feminism impacted you?', I would have said not at all.  But when I took the time to look at the emotions and then a second time, sure enough, I was a little bit of a man-hater and didn't even know it! :)

This coach, who from what I hear might be needing a job soon, reminded me how important it is to check and double check sometimes before we jump into anything.  Thankfully, my emotional decisions don't happen in front of the world and don't risk a gold medal.

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