Monday, February 23, 2009

The Child Within Me

Do you remember learning to read? I don't.  I remember reading ask a kid, pronouncing words all over the place, but I can't seem to recall a time when I couldn't read.  Since I don't have kids yet, I have never experienced the entire process of a child learning to read from beginning to end.  Though I know children everywhere have or will learn to read, it seems so taxing to go from knowing nothing, to being able to form words, sentences and ultimately complex meanings.  The itemized process just makes me want to not bother.  
Did you catch the impatience floating around that entire thought? The precious gift of reading is something I never regret being able to do.  Reading is worth sounding out letters, guessing words and a furrowed brow! But at age 5, most kids would do without learning to read if they had their chance.  They don't realize what reading is worth, what it really means for them in the future.   Aren't we all 5 years old again sometimes?  We dismiss things that require 'too much work' and claim that we are fine in our current condition.  For a large part of USA's population, ADD isn't a physiological induced condition, but sociological induced problem.  In matters of relationship, health, finance, spiritual growth, etc., our society is experiencing crises everywhere. Having a fulfilling, healthy marriage does not happen because you found the right person.   Long-lasting health and weight loss cannot be found in a microwave and 10 minutes at a gym.  Money doesn't build up or keep flowing when you charge up credit cards and work part-time.  Greater love, compassion and gentleness aren't characteristics you're either born with or not.  All of these things take intentional work over the course of time.  Most of these things are continual processes that you will never just be done with.  Sounds kind of overbearing doesn't it?  That's what I always thought.  If it took too long, I knew it wasn't worth anything. Guess what? I was so wrong.  I'm not even a huge success at any of these or similar areas. I have seen small success and you know what I have found? Even a little success is worth all the discomfort and sacrifice I experienced, no matter how small or great.  Truth be told, I'm mesmerized a little by the process of change, how it comes about and all of the elements involved.   I'm not sure how to convince grown-up 5 year olds (like myself) that hard work is worth the bother, but I'm sure learning that it is.

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