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The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set: An Albert Whitman & Company Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

When I was in early elementary school, there was a corner of the playground that was tucked into some trees where one tree had been cut down, the stump left and small, almost white wood chips and shavings covered the ground.  For some reason this spot sparked my imagination in a huge way and we pretended all sorts of adventures there like a crackling fire or a kitchen stove.  Whatever the case, it stuck with me all this time as something purely magical.  The Boxcar Children book series by Gertrude Chandler Warner strike a similar chord in every child that reads them.  Adventure, imagination, the fear and excitement of freedom mixed with the warmth and strength of family - these are the things good people are made of!  My oldest received books 1-12 for his birthday (in November) and he is working on his second time through the set!  The challenge with these books is only that the reading level is sometimes a bit inaccessible for young readers unless someone reads it to them (which is a great thing too, but not always practical). I'm excited to share with you our first new review of the year and expect that this will be a great gift for your favorite new reader! Thanks to Albert Whitman & Company, young children who are not quite ready for chapter books yet can enjoy reading about the Aldens too with The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set.  

What We Received:   

We received the The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set of 4 hardback books.  Included in this set are:
  • The Boxcar Children - The only way they can stay together as a family is to make it on their own. So when the children find an abandoned boxcar in the woods, they decide to call it home—and become the Boxcar Children!
  • Surprise Island - The Aldens spend the summer on Grandfather’s island! Joe, the island’s friendly handyman, helps them with anything they need, but as the children continue to explore their summer home, they realize there is more to the island—and to their new friend—than meets the eye.
  • The Yellow House Mystery - Years ago, a man disappeared from the yellow house on Surprise Island. Why? The Aldens have found a clue to the mystery!
  • Mystery Ranch - The Aldens head to their aunt’s ranch for the summer and make an amazing discovery!
All of these books are illustrated after the artwork from the animated film The Boxcar Children released in 2014.  This tie-in may pique the interest of new readers only familiar with the film.  

Who Is It For?

As a part of the Time to Read program, The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set is a Level 2, which is geared towards ages 5-7, grades K-2.  This facilitates an easy transition from picture books to chapter books and continues children on their journey toward becoming confident readers.

How We Used It:

My daughter is 6 1/2 and an avid reader that gets in trouble for reading instead of her work more than anything else right now.  When we received these books, she had already started one or two of her brother's original boxcar classics.  She immediately found the one in the early reader set that she had already read in the original set and started comparing them to see if they were the same.  To her delight, she announced that they were the same, just that the small books were a lot easier to read.  

What We Thought:

For her, these books were a great joy!  To a new reader like my baby will be in a few years, these are a fun tool to get them hooked into the Alden family without getting overwhelmed. As all Boxcar Children fans will tell you, these books are good for the soul so giving young children another tool and opportunity to value these characters as much as we do is important and worthwhile.  We enjoyed adding these books to our library!

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