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2 Digit Multiplication Practice: A Channie's Review

Growing up I had two brothers, I was a nanny for two boys and now I'm a mother of two boys.  I feel like I have a good handle on what it's like to teach boys.  My sons are very active and would rather be busy moving around than not.  That often leads to doing the undesirable things in life (like math for J) in a big hurry!  Doing schoolwork in a hurry can not only lead to messy handwriting, but making simple mistakes becomes a way of life. We  reviewed a handwriting book from Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks a couple of years ago that had a wonderful format for neat and orderly practice.  Today's review is from the same company only this time we're considering a One Page A Day 2 Digit Multiplication Practice book.

What We Received:

One Page A Day 2 Digit Multiplication Practice workbook with over 50 tear-out pages, a cardboard back and an answer key in the back.  

How It Works:

Each page contains visually guided problems, beginning with 2 by 1 digit problems and eventually graduating to 2 by 2 digit problems. Each number or number answer has it's own box so that everything lines up clearly.  In the 2 by 1 problems the single digit row is shaded green. The 2 by 2 problems continue with shading, but this time green boxes signify the first calculation and answers and blue boxes signify the second calculation and answers.  On both types of problems there are white boxes for the final solutions.  Near the back of the workbook the shading goes away, but the boxes are still present.  The net is taken away, but the format is still simple and clear.

The intent of this product is clear by the name 'One Page A Day...' so this is a drill type product that encourages the student to actively practice while not being overwhelming at the same time.  Also, all of their products encourage neat and clear handwriting skills, even in math!  The pages are designed to be ripped out, giving you the option to assign work separate from the answer key.

What We Thought:

True confession time! When signing up for this review, I overlooked the 2 digit part and only saw multiplication and 3rd grade.  J had not learned double digit multiplication when we received the product!  At first I panicked, but then I just took this opportunity to teach him double digit since he was already pretty proficient in his times tables.  And guess what?  All it took was one sitting and he figured it out!  Small mistakes are still his way of life when he gets in a hurry, so this was no exception, but the more he practiced the better he got at it.

The visual guidance in this workbook is genius and the best way to practice double-digit multiplication I have ever seen.  With so many new elements with double digit multiplication, it can get really confusing and difficult to teach sometimes.  The color-coded blocks, while seemingly not that important, makes this program highly effective and unique in my opinion.  So effective that a scatterbrained mom can use it to teach the skill from scratch with no issues!

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Did you know Channie's offers a variety of workbooks?  Several other Crew members tried out other books as well as this one so click below to find one that meets your education needs!

Alphabet, Number & Sight Word Dry Erase, Neat Numbers & Page a Day 2 Didgit Multiplication. {Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math workbooks Reviews}
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