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200 Reading Skills for Third Grade: A Reading Eggs Workbook Review

Have you heard of Reading Eggs?  If you haven't, you're in for a treat and I would encourage you to read our review of the program and last year's review of their Kindergarten workbook.  For those of you who know what a fun AND educational online curriculum they offer, you have probably seen them advertising their line of workbooks. Today we're going to discuss another workbook, 200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade that complements the online component nicely.  

What We Received:
We were given 1 workbook, 200 Essential Reading Skills for Third Grade and a trial subscription to Reading Eggs (which included Math Seeds too!) for both of my kids since they had both previously used the program.

How It Works:

This workbook includes 36 weeks (5 days a week) of Spelling,  Comprehension, Grammar and every 9 weeks a comprehensive review.  Every week on Day 2 they highlight an excerpt of a book that can be found in the Reading Eggspress library.  Students are encouraged to go online and read the rest of the story as a part of the Reading Eggs program.  Each week there are a variety of activities including short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice, opposites, missing letters, word clues, etc.  Answers are provided at the back of the book.

As a standalone book, it is perfectly fine used by itself.  After our Reading Eggs trial expires, I will continue to have my third grader use this book with no concerns whatsoever because the work in the book has merit all on its own.   At the front of the book is a table of contents separated out by weeks, making it easy to pick out pages applying to a specific topic when needed.

What We Thought:

When I think of Reading Eggs, I automatically associate it with online games and 'fun learning', but this workbook is full of grade appropriate, challenging work.  My son who winces at a lot of writing gives heavy sighs on pages like the one above, but I appreciate the fact that it is so thorough and complete.  The colors and graphics are bright with great quality paper.  J is a great reader, but in typical boy fashion doesn't always want to slow down enough to capture the details.  This book focuses a lot on comprehension and has highlighted his deficiencies in that area from day one.  As it circles back around to comprehension every week, I've seen him slow down and muster up more understanding little by little.  That's a big win!

Have you ever tried Reading Eggs before?  To go along with my review, Reading Eggs is giving away 4 free weeks for my readers to try out the online subscription!  It's a perfect way to decide if  the online program is a right fit for you without having to pay anything first!

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Are you interested in their Math Workbooks or possibly a different grade level for reading?  Check out the link below to read reviews for the book you're looking for.  It's a great way to get a fair perspective!
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