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Reading Eggs: A Workbook Review

Online Reading Eggs Suite

If you are a regular reader, you might remember our review of Reading Eggs last year.  Both kids loved the online reading and math program and still beg to use it.  It really is a great program, but - like many online programs - it doesn't take the place of pencil and paper.  That physical connection activates the brain in important ways that an online program can't do 100%.  This time the Reading Eggs program has a new workbook option that corresponds with the online lessons which provides for that in-hand element.  Just as Reading Eggs includes Math Seeds, there are both reading (K-5) and math (K-2) workbooks to choose from.  Miss Z is working through Kindergarten right now so our choice was 200 Essential Reading Skills for Kindergarten.  

Online Reading Eggs Suite
Online Reading Eggs Suite

The major attractive quality of Reading Eggs and Math Seeds is that it delivers a fun program that teaches your kids well.  Parents and kids BOTH are pleased.  So, when considering the workbooks, we have to ask if they will do the same?  Are they fun AND teaching students well?  Let's take a look! 

The online program does a great job of providing a variety of activities for the students to do that all point towards a greater understanding reading and math.   The workbook follows that example with pages of slightly different activities,  but an overarching path to, in this case, reading.  A lot of programs stick with two or three kinds of exercises, which can get boring to those busy minds sometimes.  The online program and reading workbooks easily utilize over ten different kinds.  The book itself is bright and colorful, just like the online program with appropriately sized words and pictures.  Miss Z can read some words already, but not everything.  The directions are short and simple, while the activities are easily understood without reading very much.

My educational approach in our home school tends to shy away from complete online curriculum because I feel strongly that my kids need to be grounded in offline activities.  Screens and online media have such a strong pull already, without online school creating more problems.  That being said, Reading Eggs and Math Seeds - especially with these new workbooks - are a great program that could be used as a complete curriculum if you chose to.  With your subscription, you have access to a section called Bonus Material which includes printable worksheets and an entire grade level lesson plan, like below:

Have you thought about trying Reading Eggs, but still find yourself feeling unsure it would be a good fit for you?  Right now, my readers are being given 4 weeks FREE of Reading Eggs which is plenty of time to decide if it meets your needs.  I'm also giving a 10% off coupon toward any of their new workbooks with the code WK10SGF5U04 It's a great time to take a test drive!
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