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Learning Dynamics: A Reading Program Review

Teaching your a student to read seems fun and exciting when it just involves recognizing letters and their sounds.  Once it's time to start forming words, things might start to feel uncomfortable.  With some kids (like my oldest), reading comes naturally and it isn't a difficult process.  Others experience a mountain of trouble and the process takes a very long time.  Learning Dynamics has developed a program that is intended to not only introduce letters and their sounds, but also bridge the gap into strong reading.   Today we are looking at the Learning Dynamics Reading Program and reviewing its multi-sensory method for beginning readers.

What Is It?

Learning Dynamics Reading Program is a simple approach that has students reading books in 4 weeks when they spend 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week. The company is so confident in their program that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee! The Learning Dynamics approach introduces singular concepts (letter sounds, vowels, blends, etc.) and then keeps their attention with multiple avenues of reinforcement.  The reading books provided are a fun reward as students can add them to their personal library after a skill is mastered. The entirety of this program is housed in a small, sturdy box that definitely helps keep things organized.  Included in this reading program is:

  • Teaching Manual
  • Online Training Videos
  • Over 50 Books
  • Flashcards
  • Activities & Workbooks
  • Music CD with letter and concept songs

Who Is It For?

Any level of student - from no letter knowledge to struggling readers - can utilize elements in this program.  Through song, the alphabet and letter sounds are reinforced as often as desired.  While my 2 year old isn't ready for reading, listening to the songs and being introduced to the letters is a great way to prepare him.  On the other end, a 7 or 8 year old struggling reader could benefit from the simplicity and reward through books method to obtain the skills needed to read successfully.

How It Works:

For the brand new reader, you begin with looking at a letter card and practicing the sound.  Each letter has a corresponding song on the CD that you use in conjunction with the pictures in the teacher's manual and a story using words that begin with that letter.  For those who can write, the student book has coloring and letter practice for each letter.  As you work through the lessons, there are points of review and blending instructions that prepare you for incorporating the books in the process.  Toward the last half of the Lesson Manual there is a Lesson Manual 2 that concentrates on blends and the various rules they encounter.

How We Used It:

My 2 year old is the only one left to learn to read, but he is definitely not ready to dive in heavy.  My big kids have no reading problems but immediately wanted to read all of the books.  So, we listened to the CD and played with the letter cards a lot and the big kids would read some of the books to him (and a lot to themselves!).  When they were learning to read, the big kids just read through a couple pages of a learn to read book a day.  While this was effective, I know having the music element and blending instructions built in along the way would have energized them far better.  While we have a big enough library of books at home, earning a book of their own is a great prize at that age!

Is it Worth It?

I firmly believe that a healthy child can learn to read without spending a dime.  Through the public library and things they already have access to in their house, learning is possible.  For those parents nervous about teaching a child to read, as many are, The Learning Dynamic Reading Program provides all that you need from supplies to instruction - including some great video demonstrations on their website.  It is complete, but simple.  As my 2 year old grows, I hope that his learning to read will be as organic as his brother with the help of Learning Dynamics.

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