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God Is Better Than Trucks: A Christian Focus Book Review

In a world where every physical entity begs for our attention, it is our job as parents to set God in grand perspective for our kids.  That is accomplished in many different ways, but reading with children is, perhaps, the easiest!   I'm sure you've heard of great advantage you give children when you read to them daily.  That advantage is only enhanced when you include books that talk about God and his role in our life.  Today I'm reviewing a new book from Christian Focus that we've enjoyed reading together called God is Better than Trucks. by Sarah Reju and illustrated by Roger De Klerk.  The title might suggest a very simplistic idea, but the book reinforces a concept that we too often fail to put into practice - giving God the ultimate honor in our daily lives because He is worthy.

This hard-backed ABC picture books takes all kinds of trucks and machinery and compares what they do to how God is better than that.  Each letter of the alphabet and type of truck is attached to a verse of the Bible that illustrates God's superiority in some way.  For example, for the letter P a police car rushes to help when you're in trouble, but God is always with you.  The verse Psalm 119:151 " are near, O Lord, ..." is used to reiterate why we should prefer God and His ways.  The illustrations are brightly colored and accurately drawn with plenty of details added in.  The pages are good quality which suggests long-lasting in the face of young children's use, the intended audience.

We found this book to be easy to use in a couple different ways.  Sitting down and reading straight through was doable and definitely hammered home that God is better than everything.  Sometimes we would read only a few pages - like a sampling - when we are short on time, but wanted to include some devotional or scripture elements.  With my older kids, I could easily pick only one and have a small devotion on that one thought.  We are so busy and consumed with physical things that giving God the proper honor and position in our lives is a struggle!  Even just one page can reveal to us where our allegiance might lie in our deeds.

As a whole, the kids enjoyed reading the book and are usually unsatisfied with only a page or two.  As a parent, I am pleased with the content overall and appreciate having another way to introduce God's ways into our daily life. The subject matter is appropriate for all elementary age kids, but ideally I would recommend this as part of a Preschool curriculum that would reinforce the alphabet and introduce Godly principles into their mindset and vocabulary.  They also offer a God is Better Than Princesses book for those kids not really interested in the things that go that looks just as great!

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