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Learning About Science Collection: A WriteBonnieRose Review

Write Bonnie Rose
Contrary to popular thought, you don't have to be a scholar in every subject to effectively educate your children!  That means, if you're like me, you'll have weaker subjects that you tend to shy away from due to your lack of confidence.  Science is one of those for me.  Knowing that, I was excited to try out the Learning About Science Collection, Level 2 from WriteBonnieRose in order to give myself  more tools to bolster my confidence.
WriteBonnieRose is a website full of homeschooling helps and resources of all kinds.  Bonnie Rose, its creator, has been contributing to the homeschooling community since 2012.  She has a heart for children and sharing God's love with them through her writing.
 Learning about Science Collection Level 2
What We Received:

Learning About Science Collection, Level 2 is a digital downloadable product that included a set of 8 pdf files.  The titles included are:
  • Understanding Food Chains
  • Why Do Animals Hibernate?
  • Plants: How They Grow and How They Help Us
  • A Closer Look at Body Systems
  • The Cycle of Water and Types of Clouds
  • The Solar Systems, Planets, Earths Moon and Constellations 
  • Forces and Simple Machines
  • Scientists and the Scientific Method
Each topic has 15 to 25 pages that define key terms, encourages coloring and reading comprehension, provides handwriting practice, drawing activities and review questions at the end, all with pictures to color as possible answers. 

How We Used It:

We started with Understanding Food Chains and each page covered a different type of ecosystem. My son could read the page, follow the directions for the activity and then he would usually ask questions.  Depending on the subject matter, it often left it wide open to continue the study with some YouTube videos.  When my son came into my bedroom one day asking me how gravity worked again, it was a great opportunity to look at a different topic, Forces and Simple Machines.

What We Thought:

The text of this curriculum is very simple and clear.  I found it easy to understand, but more importantly easy for me to explain and answer questions about.  We found it to be the right kind of involvement to include handwriting and coloring on every page.  It certainly kept my son engaged.  At his age (7), this curriculum provides a great introduction to all of the elements and allows us to go deeper when his interest or need requires.

Whether you are a bit afraid of science like I was or you just need an effective resource, consider WriteBonnieRose and all three levels of Learning About Science.  If you purchase between now and August 15th with the code REVIEWCREW50, you'll receive 50% off your order!  That's $6 a set!

Learning about Science Collection Level 1
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