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Grammar and Writing 3: A Hake Publishing Review

Hake Publishing
As we all know, how we speak and write effects so many things in our life.  Poor grammar at best suggests ignorance.  Weak writing skills implies that you don't care enough to do better.  Those may not be truths, but they are stereotypes our children may fall into.  That's why, if you will have a 3rd grader in the next few years, you might be interested in this review of Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 from Hake Publishing.  Starting around 2nd and 3rd grade, it can be really important to lay the groundwork for good language skills through reading and writing.  Finding the best curriculum for your child in this subject is so important which is why I'm thankful we're able to try this one out.
Hake Publishing Writing and Grammar
What We Received:
  • Grammar and Writing 3 with Daily Review Teacher Guide - Answer Keys and Tests - This includes a complete schedule for entire curriculum, a script of instruction for every lesson, tests (for reproducing) and answer keys.
  • Grammar and Writing 3 with Daily Review Consumable Textbook - This student book includes grammar meetings, daily lessons, and review sets that cover punctuation, parts of speech, spelling rules, dictionary skills and diagramming sentences.
  • Grammar and Writing 3 Writing Workbook - This includes corresponding lessons that highlight sentence composing and reinforces journal writing.

The Daily/Weekly Routine

Each lesson is intended to be done in order because everything builds on and reinforces what has already been taught.  Every lesson begins with a Grammar Meeting question that students are encouraged to discuss and answer in their journals (2-3 minutes).  Next is a Vocabulary discussion usually involving the Latin root and definition(2-3 minutes).  The Lesson portion of the day introduces a new concept and then works through several examples and practice questions (10-15 minutes). Finally, students are expected to work through a Review Set which includes sentence completion, fill in the blank and punctuation correction (20-30 minutes).  Tests are given every 5 lessons or so and instead of a lesson that day, students are to do a lesson out of the Writing Workbook. 

What We Thought

My only experience with Saxon products was from seeing the books my brother brought home from (public) school.  Up until this point I had not used them in a homeschool capacity.  The way the teacher's guide and schedule lines out the lessons, it really takes the prep time right out of this subject.  That is a nice bonus especially when you are teaching multiple ages.  The one thing that doesn't generally fit for homeschool students is the Grammar Meeting's expectation to listen to other students and their answers.  The guide doesn't make any reference to the possibility of their only being one or two students when this is being taught.  It is easily adapted, but the system they suggest doesn't acknowledge anything of that sort.  The Review Sets are really important and useful especially for those students who just want to get things over with.  It varies enough and provides adequate practice opportunities so that it isn't easily dismissed and keeps them challenged. 

Overall, the curriculum is very well put together and everything is synchronized. I love the writing element that is interwoven, especially with the grammar meeting questions and time spent in the journals.  If you're in the market, add Hake Publishing to your list of companies to consider!

Hake/Saxon Grammar and Writing 3 {Hake Publishing Reviews}
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