Monday, December 12, 2016

Gifts Ideas to Encourage Bible Study

One of the things I really appreciate and value is intentional living.  We try to carry that out in our lives but it can be really hard.  As you probably know, intentions can only go so far anyway and real life is complicated at best.  So, when I find things to place in my family's life that will encourage mindful living, you know I'm going to share it with you!  For those that put their trust in God, spiritual growth happens the most when Bible study is a part of their life.  If you're searching for some great gifts that will bring enjoyment AND encourage Bible study, you're in the right place!

1) Grapevine Studies combines 100% Bible (no commentary) with illustrating that is great for all ages!  While scripture is being read, students are encouraged to draw pictures.  It comes in digital formats and physical books with traceable versions for younger kids and blank versions for every wanting to illustrate their own version.  With each book their is an accompanying Teacher's Manual that provides great teaching points and the suggested stick figure illustrations.  Old Testament, New Testament, Individual Character Studies, Bundles, and a Bible Calendar are just a few of the categories you can shop for.

2) Apologia is a powerhouse in the Christian homeschooling world producing very high quality curriculum, but for this article I want to focus on a few of their books that are great for faith building, no matter your educational circumstance.  The study of Christian apologetics (reasoned arguments and justification) is fascinating, but sometimes difficult to introduce to children.  The Young Defender Series is a great starting off point that is designed to introduce children to fundamental questions of faith.  As these questions get solid answers in our family's minds, exploring what the Bible says becomes even more of an adventure!

Does God exist?
Did God create life?
Is Jesus Alive?
Can we know right and wrong?

3. Scripture Coloring Journals are just another way to incorporate the Bible with creative outlets - both in coloring and in journaling. My mind retains so much more and much better quality information when it is free to create and wander.  I have found some great ones at places like Sam's or Hobby Lobby.  Here is a really cute one from Amazon.

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