Friday, June 10, 2016

Herbs, Allergies and Oils: Oh My!

After a great camping trip to Arkansas, I was reminded how good being outside and interacting with God's creation is good for your health and soul.  If you've never considered that fact or at least given yourself enough time in nature to notice a difference, you absolutely should.  I am convicted that the more we live in this world as God designed, the better everything is.  That includes the things we put in our bodies and why I love having access to so many herbs, oils and supplements.  Would you like to learn more about all of that?   I'm happy to chat about it anytime.  If you'd like more education, here are a couple of events coming up that I'm a part of:

Does your family struggle with seasonal - or even chronic - allergies? Did you know that some allergies come from a toxic system?  The Herb Garden is hosting a free online class, All About Allergies about reasons why allergies are a problem at all and some great herbal and essential oil remedies we use to manage and often eliminate allergy problems.  

Are you near the OKC metro?  In a couple of weeks, The Herb Garden is hosting Herbs and Oils: A Perfect Blend at my home and you are welcome to join us!  We've heard a lot about essential oils in the media lately and this class intends to discuss how complimentary and important to each other they are.  You'll also get to try out Nature's Sunshine's new line of Authentic Essential Oils!

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