Friday, April 29, 2016

7 Truths To Set You Straight

It is easy to forget true things when we our hearts are filled with false things.

No matter how many computers, ipads, kindles, smart phones, fit bits, or other electronic devices we have, people still need walks in the park, hugs around the neck, early wake up call to see the sunrise and gratitude in their heart for all of creation.

Bad people aren't just automatically and always bad.  They get hurt, hold on to anger and fear, and allow their senses to get out of control.  You and I are just one unresolved hurt away from being a 'bad' person.

We aren't supposed to be exactly the same.  We are supposed to take our completely different life and use it to obey and glorify God.

Media and the masses lie. like, a lot.

I can't get you to change very easily by complaining about you, talking down to you or ignoring you completely.  The best way for me to change you is to change me.

People - as in everybody - assume and build up a TON of things in their heads.  Remember to share the good stuff, work through the bad and just don't carry it around for very long.  If you do it usually grows into something very foreign to the truth.  

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