Monday, January 11, 2016

3 Things I'm Learning About Learning

Since I recently started reviewing for the Schoolhouse Review Crew - which is a great privilege and a lot of fun - my community of homeschooling families has grown and taught me or reinforced a few things.

1) The education of a child is so much more than learning a skill or being exposed to certain things.  No matter the location - home, private or public - successfully educating a child requires knowing them, supporting them, and connecting with their unique talents and tendencies.  As a parent, this means that I will always have the most important job as their biggest advocate.  When I think about my kids' futures, I want to see adults who love God, but also have self-control, an appreciation for mankind and nature, a hard work ethic, and the ingenuity to problem solve without giving up after the first try.  Yes, that training will include math problems and science experiments, but more so it requires a continual relationship where we live life together in all types of life situations.  If homeschooling isn't on your horizon, this means your job as advocate is even more important.  I'm convicted that we have such power as parents but we so easily forget or fail to honor it.

2) No family has the same needs, limitations, strengths, funds, opportunities, joys, struggles or anything the same.  Try as we might, there just isn't a fair comparison out there.  Temperaments are different.  Health issues are different.  People are just different.  That means the how, when, what and why we learn is different too!  And we cause a lot of trouble (for ourselves AND others) when we expect things based on being the same.  Because we just aren't.  The sooner we can accept that (of ourselves and others), we can have better relationships and make wiser decisions for our families.

3) Learning is FUN!  If we aren't experiencing fun as we learn, then somewhere something isn't right.  The most important skill we can learn is the ability to learn and the LOVE of learning.  While every assignment or task may not be the most fun ever, when you love to learn, there is fun in every day.

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