Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Nonsense November: Praise God!

Sunday mornings are busy in our house with making breakfast, taking showers and usually scrambling to get to church on time.  It always seems that the day gets caught up in the to-dos like naps and remembering extra diapers.  A day of rest and reverence to God is always my hope and expectation, but  I so easily forget.

To help shape the day a little better (at least in my head), here are some reasons I am praising God today:

-I'm able to learn and grow.  I may have fouled everything up yesterday, but I can start over, learn from it and do better.

-The season outside is changing again.  Whatever season of life I'm in today I am reminded to soak it all in and be patient - for it will all be different sooner than I realize.

-Potty training is going so well that J only uses a diaper at naptime and bedtime.  And he can usually go by himself.  Procrastination for the win!

-Prayer alone provides endless possibilities for God to work and to bless.

I hope your day is filled with rest and reverence!

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