Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Change is Hard. Change Takes Time. Be Patient.

No matter the category of life, there's always more you could do, differing schools of thought and degrees of commitment.  Students get it from all sides.  If you make straight-A's then you likely have no life experience.  If you work all the time, you're just greedy and have no ambition.  As adults in the information age, we can't go a day without hearing about a new study, method or concept that will REVOLUTIONIZE your life (and other people may or may not judge you for whether or not you embrace it!).  It's overwhelming at best.

It's often easier to change when you don't feel overwhelmed and see change as something gradual.

I will easily admit that I'm surely a greater part of the problem than the solution.  I believe in things like natural childbirth, debt-free living, a relationship with Jesus Christ, alternative health, and the list goes on.  All of which have cultish followings and droves are looked down on for not embracing all aspects upon first exposure.  I have my opinions right along with the next guy.  Yet, here's what I think so much of our society is missing right now.

No matter how right or revolutionary something is, change very, very rarely happens (and sticks) over night.

There are exceptions but most of us are so busy and constrained with trying to staying functioning as households that changes (no matter how good) are hard to implement, certainly implement quickly.  As an opinionated person full of motivation for your convictions (that I applaud greatly), take some time to empathize with (feel for) everyone you find yourself judging for not jumping on your bandwagon right away.  I mean there are bandwagons I could preach to you for hours on how important they are for your family and future, but I have a hard enough time maintaining the few I've committed to myself!  Is it because I lack conviction or understanding?  Not really.  It's called life that comes with restrictions like time, budget, and opportunity.

I'm so thankful for a time in society where healthy living and alternative options are welcome topics of conversation in a lot of circles!  It's not always been so.   Instead of spreading an overwhelming sense of doom (unless everyone commits to your cause), start loving those around you as much as you love your new choices.  We all want to be better, but it's hard and it takes time.  Let's try to remember that the next time we roll our eyes at someone's "not what WE would do" choice.

"Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification." - Rom. 14:19

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