Monday, March 11, 2013

Talents: Something is Better Than Nothing

I've heard a lot of lessons and discussions in my lifetime about multiplying your talents and learning new skills.  The consensus, of which I wholeheartedly agree, is to always keep learning and trying to grow further.  Take what you're not good at and work at it!

Like I said, I agree.  Yet, in this very full and chaotic season of my life, I've found myself sometimes shying away from everything because I am not perfecting a new skill or reaching for the challenges.  Maybe it's just been a focus in my own brain, but it's as though doing the good things that come easily - those that would be considered my talents - are lesser or not 'right' choices because they are easier.  I would even argue that sometimes we don't even consider them to be talents because they aren't hard or full of brow-beating work.

Last I checked, doing something good is better than doing nothing.  And why shouldn't I do the things that God has blessed me with skills to do? Talents, from organization to hospitality to cleaning a bathroom, are there to bring blessings.  Blessings that not everyone can provide.  Are you hiding your skills away because they aren't the most obvious or celebrated?  Or maybe you're waiting on someone to ask you to use your skill?

Growth is always the goal.  But if you're busy/burdened/separated/confused/stuck, something is better than nothing.  Make sure we don't overlook the obvious in search of a miraculous transformation.  

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