Monday, August 27, 2012

Life, Interrupted

New moms and old moms alike, please remember this.  Who you are, how you behave, where you spend your time matters to your children.  They may not say it or admit it, but they see it and absorb it.  No matter how small or how far away, the life you are living is changing theirs.

Tonight I was trying to catch up on some housework and just as I was almost finished vacuuming, Jude starts hovering and whining.  It was inconvenient and annoying that he was fine 2 minutes ago.  Long story short, he was having a painful diaper issue that turned into a bath that resulted in a walk to see the horses before I could finish my work.  Bothersome? Yes.  Fulfilling when it was all said and done? Yes.  And this is why:  I had a perfect opportunity to care for and nurture my son, to model empathy and compassion, and to strengthen that bond we have that says with God's help I can show you the way to go.  I may not have done the best job at that, but by the end it was so clear to me that allowing myself to be interrupted filled his needs, but also grew my patience and my living on purpose muscles just a little more.

Whether you're a parent or not, we rush around shoving people and opportunities aside too much.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all about schedules and planning and sticking to a deadline.  My little planner is saving my life as we speak! But the awesome thing I'm finding out about planning in my life is that when I plan and stick to that plan (as much as it depends on me), then I find I have so much more time! I have time to be interrupted or for the evening events to be reordered.  There's never going to be enough time in the day for everything.  Just accept that universal truth and move on.  Instead, make sure you're allowing time for the things you love the most.

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