Monday, May 28, 2012


In the United States, today is Memorial Day and a day to remember those who have died in military service.  It's quite common to remember loved ones in general who have passed as well.  Remembering is a funny thing.  Sometimes you wish you could remember more about someone, but you can't.  Other times, memories haunt and we wish they would never return.

Today, I'd like to encourage you to remember.  Remember for growth and for learning.  Remember the parents or grandparents that were good and strong.  Remember them for the examples they set and the lives they lead.  Remember them for the sacrifices they made so that you and your family could benefit today.  It's always healing to the soul to remember the good moments where time stands still in your mind.

My sweet grandparents, J.D. & Susie Elmore, who lived strong lives of integrity, compassion and sweet simplicity.

My grandmother Cynthia Scott who was a wonderful example of love, creativity and joy!

But don't forget to remember those that did none of those things.  Those that hurt others, that made terrible choices.  Remember the wasted time or the destruction that resulted.  Remind yourself of why you're choosing differently today.  Remember the pain, not to dwell or wallow, but to grow.  Learn from your past, whether full of joy or much much sorrow.  You made it here today - remember so that you can be grateful for that!

Remember those that left this earth too soon.  Remember the words never said or the experiences they never had.  Again, not to open deep wounds of sorrow, but to redeem the time you have today.  We are not promised much and certainly not tomorrow.

So, remember and grow.
Grow closer to those around you.
Grow deeper in your convictions.
Grow closer to God.

Learn from the past and all the lessons it has to teach.

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