Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Road to Submission

Even the title sounds so oppressive and negative.  Submission.  It just carries this aura of heaviness and harshness.  Submission is not a characteristic or action that comes easily for me.  Demanding fairness, my due and "you started it" attitudes are really my cup of tea.  Trusting that someone else knows best and, even though I feel otherwise, yielding to their way of thinking simply because of their position.  Bleh.  Ugh.  It just stinks!  There's so much I could say (and probably will, eventually), but I'm going to try and summarize with a couple of lists.

4 Reasons Why Submission Stinks

-It usually means I give first a lot.
-It doesn't feel fair.  (And fairness gets ignored a lot!)
-It means I don't get my way a lot.
-It's terrifying.  Giving up control is t-e-r-r-i-f-y-i-n-g.

4 Reasons Why Submission is Beautiful (when it's done right)

-It means a happier, more proactive husband.
-It takes a load of responsibility and pressure off me.
-It's fulfilling, both emotionally and spiritually.
-It teaches my children (and others) lessons about God without saying a word.

I've spent the past couple of weeks really working on submitting to Mr. Butler and learning what that looks like in every day moments with us.  It's hard and terrifying and some moments it just feels pointless. But I know God has been merciful to me and giving me emotional aid on this one.  Once the initial knee jerks were silenced, it got a lot easier and began producing fruit (in both of us).  I could just write and write about this, but you'd get bored really fast.   If you would like to talk about it further or have any questions, I would LOVE to talk about it.  It's been such a huge issue in my life and I'm seeing the enormous value for myself and my family in really understanding it.  What helps you in areas of submission, whether in the home, office or other relationships?

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