Monday, January 9, 2012

Balance Check: Inward & Outward

The trouble with trying to stay balanced is that we usually over-correct and end up in a ditch.  True balance needs some of this AND some of that.  The question today is about your self, inwardly and outwardly.  Have I considered both this week?  Am I focusing a lot on just one?

What are my motives for the things I'm involved with this week?  Am I worried all the time?  How's my heart and is it willing to bend to God's will?  Who am I becoming and does that line up with what's important to me?

It's really important to spend a little bit of time with yourself every week and see if who you are is who you're intending to be.  When I get busy I find that I'm usually not who I wanted to be at all.  The inward man is vital to any positive growth or change we want to see in ourselves.

When was the last time you invested some time in your health - through exercise, eating better, getting enough sleep, etc.?  Am I making time to tend to hygiene things like flossing or skincare?  Do I consider how I dress and the effect or influence it might have on other people?

Our physical or outward man can limit us or propel us.  If we don't care for our bodies, they break down quicker, cause us to spend more time and money to fix or prolong.  Depending on where you live, your line of work, how you dress and groom yourself can endear you to others or repel others.  What you look like - at least to a certain extent - matters, whether we like that fact or not.

Too much of one, at the neglect of the other is not good.  Our inner man is of more importance, eternally speaking, but the outward man enhances our eternal purpose, when utilized properly.  No matter how genuine and peaceful you may find yourself, if you haven't showered in a few days people will find it hard to be around you.

But again, if you spend more time primping and sculpting than anything else, there isn't balance in your life.  With no attention paid to it, that self will run free learning ugly habits.  I struggle with wanting an all or nothing approach.  Either I care nothing about how I look or I'm determined to look perfect!  I find myself in the ditch every time!

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