Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Wins & Some Fails

In looking for balance in my life, it seems to be really important for me to celebrate failure the same way I celebrate success.  It brings the extremes closer to together and works to keep my reactions from going overboard in one direction or the other.  So, here are some recent wins and some recent fails.

WIN: I made a Peanut Butter Cheeseball for J's birthday party that looks like this:

I love when trying new things is so easy and tastes so good!  It was a big hit and for those who asked about it, you can get the recipe here.

FAIL: With all of the leftovers from J's party and two thanksgiving dinners, I have not be exercising self-control in my eating habits.  It's just shameful. And for that, I'm glad thanksgiving is over.

WIN: Over the weekend we sent our final payment on my student loans.  This means we will be debt-free, except for our house.  It was a very large mountain, but it didn't take us all that long once we really committed to it. This is a very big victory in the Butler household.  Thanks, Dave Ramsey, for prodding.

FAIL: Though my son can say "more" in sign language like a pro, that's it.  Why? Because he can't be taught or is a little slow? Nope. Because his mother keeps saying she's going to learn and teach him more, but just hasn't gotten around to it.  This is something I REALLY want to do and soon.

How do you turn a fail into a win?

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