Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Are You Listening To?

Sometimes the devil and all of his advocates are gathered around my ears and screaming out a stream of "You're not working hard enough!" or "You'll never be like so-and-so!" And sure, there may always be an element of truth to that - there's always more work to be done and I'll never be like a million so-and-sos.  But, what good is it doing me to listen and dwell on that?

Today is one of those days where the negative thoughts are growing on trees, despite the 100 degree weather.  Jude was up ALL night so we took a morning nap so my day didn't really start until 10:00am. Lots of stuff going on and not enough time, as usual, but as I was watering the front yard at 11:00am and fretting because it should have been done at 7 when it was a bit cooler, gave myself a verbal slap in the face.  I was working hard. It was better to get watered at 11 than not at all.  Sometimes  your best doesn't produce what you intended or what others were expecting.  That does not mean you fail, deserve to be replaced or should be mired in guilt.

Every day has room for improvement and I know that I can never expect to grow if I sit around being defensive with the world saying "I'm doing the best I can, so leave me alone!"  But the nay-sayers (imagined or otherwise) aren't helping anyone.

Here in Oklahoma, it's hot.  I mean hot.  Kinda makes you wanna give up and hide.  Instead of listening to the heat-demons, focus on your goals and the joys of the day.

Even though he was up all night, he still is a smiley boy today.  This is my joy of today:

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Unknown said...

Reminds me of the song Voice of Truth. Love it! Love you!

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