Sunday, May 15, 2011

When It's Time To Change...

Whew! I am exhausted! Thankfully, its the result of some really good things.  Friday night Randy and I stayed up too late watching movies, but it was really nice to spend the time together like that. Definitely worth it! Saturday was packed with yard work, laundry, time with my nephew Eli, our friend Zade's 2nd birthday and then great conversations into the wee hours with Zade's parents.  Definitely worth it! And then today, despite the sleep deprivation all 3 of us were experiencing, we made it worship services early, I pulled off my first piano recital (as a teacher), and some good fellowship at dinner time.  And again, definitely worth it! But boy am I tired!!

This great weekend has brought to my mind lots of changes.  Kids grow and change, relationships change, the scenery can change, some people leave, new people come around.  And sometimes that scares the tar out of us, doesn't it?  But today, I'm not scared and I want to encourage you to not be either.  Every stage of life has beauty and strength if you intend to find it.  Every circumstance, group of people, or location, has value and benefit if we search it out.  As we sit on the brink of summer, think about the good, the growth and the gem in wherever you are, be it a brand new situation or one covered with dust.

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