Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diapering Issues

Yes, this really is a post about diapering issues.  You see my son (which is still weird to say) is very long, but very skinny.  As he's grown in length it seems his dirty diapers have had a harder time staying contained within the diapers.  We've used LUVS, size 1 and were very pleased at first. But 2 out of every 3 dirty diaper requires a wardrobe change at least.  We're looking into trying other brands, but don't want to buy a whole bunch that we may not like.  A friend suggested that his length might be an issue and perhaps we should try the next size up.  Has anyone ever had a situation like this?


Michael Needs a Guitar! said...

Yes, I've definitely had that problem. If you want to go a half size up, Pampers has a size in between 1 and 2's I think it says 1-2 on the box. I used to absolutely love the Pampers Swadlers...they just seemed to fit better...especially with my boys. But then breastfed babies tend to make a lot of pooping messes. So going up a size might not help you. :)

Jessica said...

I agree with the previous comment. Sometimes you just can't do anything about having a mess. We went through that and even came close to cutting off an onsie. :/ It was nasty. I will say that it did pass and eventually diapers contained the mess. For now, try the other sizes but if it doesn't work, pack extra outfits and lots of wipes. :)

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