Saturday, December 11, 2010

What Are You Allergic To?

I have a pretty sensitive system, always have.  At various points in my life I've had several weird allergic reactions to certain chemicals and such.  So, I'm used to it, but my latest one just cracked me up and apparently I'm not the only one this time! Not even 12 hours after I'd read about being clumsy for a little while after having a baby I sliced my thumb cutting vegetables.  The last time I had needed a bandage I used one of the last ones. So, of course I got a new package from the store and until slicing my thumb, hadn't used any of the new package.  Normally I use BandAid brand, but this time I went cheap-o and bought Curad.  Anyway, I bandaged up my thumb and went about my business.  That night/next morning while I was up feeding Jude, I noticed my thumb itching pretty bad around the edge of the bandage, almost like poison ivy or something.  The next day it was worse and itching ravenously.  Finally, once it had made a ring around my finger just at the edge of the bandage, I got a clue and ripped it off.  Either I had poison ivy or I was allergic to the bandage!

To make a long story short, I showed my mom a day or two later and once I told her the brand, she too had experienced the same thing.  Funniest of all, unbeknownst to my mom, turns out dad's allergic too! And, googling it produced other people have had issues too!  It's the weirdest thing.  You just never know!

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