Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have Patience, Don't Be in Such a Hurry...

Did you ever learn that song?    I may have sang it in public more than once.  Lately, I have been so impatient about EVERYTHING.  I was impatient about when Jude would get here.  I was impatient about my recovery, getting back in shape, finding the rhythm of day to day when it now includes Jude - you name it and I've been antsy about it!  It doesn't help that November is a blur and now December makes me feel behind already!  The silly part of my impatience is its all related to areas that are almost entirely out of my control!  Time and circumstance have taken over our lives and my little controlling heart can't do a thing about it!

This time of year its so easy to get our minds set on life going a certain way and grow impatient when the universe (our family, the cashier, the traffic, you name it)) doesn't comply.  And when we let that impatience rule everything, we ruin everything.  The joy of all we get to be a part of gets lost.  Faith and peace in God isn't demonstrated in our lives.  Most importantly, we try to take over God's job on the planning committee.  He's the planner, we're just the assistant, free to make suggestions but ultimately in charge of carrying out plans more than making them.

May we all have a patient day!  And here's some childhood inspiration!  Ignore the video and just listen.

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Hannah said...

Hey you can get the Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies albums on've been searching for years and now my kids are enjoying them as much as I did!

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