Monday, July 19, 2010

Remembering What It's All For

"Remember, with hurry comes anger."

In a book I was reading, the author was addressing the issue of extra-curricular activities and how much is too much.  The above statement was made and I stopped for a while to think about that.  The author says it as though its an understood thing, but I had never thought of it that way.  Still, I could see the truth.  I hate being rushed.  I'm not great at being early or even on time sometimes, but its mostly a result of not rushing myself.  When I am rushed, its easy for all the important things I'm supposed to remember to fly halfway across the globe, not to return until halfway to my next destination.  But yes, a constant state of hurry stresses me out, makes me irritable and angry.

Let's be fair - deadlines are a part of life and running behind and rushing around happens.  I don't see that there is any way around that sometimes.  However, doesn't it seem like we idolize the fast pace sometimes?   To some a fast pace equals more accomplishment which equals more validation and success.  Or if you master a fast pace, you're doing so much more good in one way or another.  A friend shared that according to some morning show there were some parents being treated for cell phone addiction because they were neglecting their children.  Call me crazy, but that sounds like we've got our priorities confused.

There is a great place in life for organization, being on time and task-accomplishing work.  But what is all of that for?  Isn't it ultimately for the sake of our relationships? Providing for our family, providing opportunity to enjoy our family and friends, and ultimately loving those in our life.  So, if whatever you spend your time and energy doing, if it is hurting yourself and neglecting those in your life, shouldn't you reconsider?  Sure, let's learn to do some things faster, more efficiently, but if you're so committed or so behind all the time that the other members of your household think their names are Hurry Up and Let's Go, it might be time to take inventory of what the point of it all really is for you.

I'm learning that the best gift I can give to those I love is a healthy me - emotionally, physically, all-encompassing everything.  If I'm content, satisfied with my decisions and full on board with the activities I choose (and am not stretched too far), I can love and be loved so much easier than if I'm stressed out, exhausted and pushing myself in directions out of obligation.


JDB said...

Hi! Just discovered your blog and the last paragraph of this post really speaks to me. I strive for this everday.

Glad to have found you.

Amy Butler said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!

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