Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Far is Too Far?

It's hot.  Hot and humid - a heavy combination.  Yesterday afternoon I went outside to deposit some veggie castoff in the compost heap and check on the garden. After less than a minute's time, I was sweating and convicted that all the work that needed to be done out there should not be done by pregnant me.  I was already a bit run down and that would only make matters worse.  So, instead I came inside and rested in the cool air.  A good decision that I stand by - this time.  

See, I live with a robot of a man who is superb at conquering goals and standards.  He pushes himself and follows through where many, myself included, would have failed and closed up shop. So, pregnant or not, he and I have had discussions about how far is too far.  When are we (usually me) being wimpy and when is enough enough?  I'm thankful for his ability and commitment - it's one of the reasons I married him - because he makes me better.  So, regularly I'm asking myself (especially b/c of the baby) do I need to rest or do I need to not quit yet? For me it is important because I don't want to hurt myself or the baby, but I also want to be as healthy as possible, especially come delivery time, and that includes significant effort on my part.

This parallels my spiritual and emotional life a great deal. And to be honest, I'm much easier on myself in this area.   There is a great need for rest, without it very dark and unhealthy things can grow. But if rest is all there is, dark and unhealthy things can grow there too.  Today, let's try to keep the heart full of rest AND work so that growth can happen!

Oh, and speaking of growth, here's an example of 23 weeks worth!  Randy thought I needed a prop and Lizzie is continually my shadow. :)
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