Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quit Taking the Wheel

"A watched pot never boils."

Does that mean it NEVER boils? No, it just means that watching it isn't going to make it boil any faster and just get you frustrated.  People are the same way only the watching can literally deter or delay the process.  Here's what I mean: If you are going to grow, my badgering, hounding and lecturing probably won't help it go faster or better.  Often it will create more hurdles in the way, delaying or eliminating the potential growth.  God can provide plenty of growing opportunities. It is not my responsibility nor my right to demand growth from everybody around me.  I guess it's easy to be like (Abraham's) Sarah and decide God isn't handling things well enough for us and decide to take over.  If we'd spend more time learning to love, be patient and merciful with each other, God can handle everyone else's growth or give us extra patience to deal with it! 

I have a beautiful song that I'd love to share with you but can't find a video of it and not enough time to figure out how to embed it.  So, if you're interested in a beautiful piece of music and have time to find it, look up the CD Mozart Variations.  Paul McCandless performs a version of Ave Verum Corpus that is awesome!

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