All You Need Is Love

No matter who you are, no matter where you go, there will be people that you don't like, there will be people who drive you crazy, there will even be people so toxic to you that being in the same building just brings out the worst in you. Magazines and self-help books tell you to stay away from those people as much as you can because they will just bring you down. And, to a point, that's true. There is little good in trying to save a drowning person if you are sinking under yourself. So, 'use discretion' is the lesson there. Beyond that though, I've been reminded very recently that all everyone is really looking for, when you boil all the smoke and mirrors down, is love. Love might look different to me than you but love - acceptance, safety, attention - is where everyone starts. When that need is neglected, regardless of the reasons why and who is to blame, many of life's problems start. The reactions, the coping, the defense mechanisms, all come about eventually because of that desire for love was somehow rejected.

I'm not quite sure what all that means really but I do feel like it should change our perspective of people. If you're in the business of blaming or excusing others, this probably doesn't help much. But, if you ultimately want to live peacefully with others, grow and help others do the same, remembering that we all essentially want the same thing could have a big impact.


This is some good stuff. I couldn't agree more.
This is some good stuff. I couldn't agree more.

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