Friday, November 20, 2009

Household Update

"Just the facts m'am."

Sometimes I use too many words to get simple points across. And other times, I get lost in those words and fail to express critical points. So, as an exercise in conciseness and to keep you in the loop with our goings on, here is the Butler household update:

Randy is acclimating to his job very well, satisfied with the variation, hopeful for the future and loving the perks of a government post.

I am busy with piano lessons, housewife duties, and various extra curricular activities. Most importantly in my personal life, I have gained much ground in eliminating fear from my heart.

Lizzie & Grace got out a few weeks ago and evidently took a stroll around the neighborhood, but came back. Our neighbor reported them racing around but not bothering anyone. Overall, they are embracing adulthood with ease and exuberance.

A few goals we have for the next few months:
I'm working on losing some more weight before facing parenthood. 7 1/2 pounds so far!
We are looking to buy a car, probably in February. I believe we've decided on an older CR-V so we can cart dogs as well as future children around.
Fix the dishwasher - I've been a successful dishwasher for the past few months and its really not that bad but I wouldn't mind a little extra time.

Growth is the worth the effort. Never let society, laziness or discomfort to convince you to give up on it. We are capable of so much more than we usually think!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Call Me Irresponsible

I have made a lot of decisions in my life and many of them were made for the wrong reasons. Fear has always been a better motivator to me than anything else and that is evident by the string of paths I quit just shy of completing. That fact was the inspiration for the title of this blog. The quote underneath it is a reminder for me that even though I have much regret about all of that, the reason I quit to begin with was me not knowing how to grow. To me, having a yard full of mistakes is okay if I'm heading in the direction of growth.

The simplest projects or decisions can be ambushed by the past before you even realize it. Shame from just not being farther in life has stopped me from pursuing friendships or taking advantage of opportunities when offered to me. The regret and discomfort of what I didn't accomplish or how I ran from difficult things seemed to push me back into my chair, convincing me that four walls were safer than facing the past. It turns out, the past doesn't usually need to be faced, but just let go of. I hope you haven't been holding on to old demons for as long as I have, but if you have, trust me when I tell you how good it feels to flush them down the toilet and move on with my life.