Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Something Worth Celebrating

Feelings are fickle and time is one of the only things that can truly test them for validity. And even then, feelings should never get the final say when there's plenty of other evidence available to the contrary. Still, when feelings work in your favor, it can be amazing. I guess that's why they control more than their share sometimes. This morning I watched the above video of Michael Buble's latest hit, "Haven't Met You Yet" and it made me cry a little, in the best way possible. If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it. Its worth it. The reason I cried is because most everything to song says, was true in my life. For a while there, I made some stupid decisions, seemed to crash into everything (literally and figuratively) and continually felt like everything was a mess. It was a mess of my own making, sure, but it seemed hopeless and ridiculous. Meeting Randy seemed like an insignificant event to begin with, but looking back now really did start a change in my life that is still bearing more fruit daily. The video is silly but so true to the heart when it takes an ordinary trip to the grocery store and showcases our dreams of someone, complete with a celebration upon finding them.

In my 3 short years of marriage, I can attest that somedays its not easy, its not fair and its not pretty. But somedays its everything you ever dreamed. Somedays, like today, I feel like marching down the aisle of a supermarket with a band, confetti and dancers - all celebrating that because of God's blessing in Randy, I am changing, growing, and far more than I ever thought I could be. Sorry its so mushy, but truth be told God has taught me so many lessons through Randy and boy life is good. And Michael Buble does an awesome job at pulling those heart strings too! :)

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I love this song!

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