Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where did Summer go?

There has been commotion around our house, but definitely the good kind. And with all of it, a realization made its way to my husband's lips that made me chuckle. "Do you realize we missed Summer?" We haven't exactly been on a deserted island for 3 months while life carried on on the main land. It's more like we were grounded to the living room and the other kids got to play outside while we watched from the window. With Randy's layoff, everything just went on hold and was being reserved for later. Not a deprived life by far. Just not what we had grown accustomed to. All in all though, I definitely value what we gained from this period of time far more than if we had just continued on as before and not 'missed Summer'. And now, with our fresh wings, its going to be a disciplined effort to maintain that growth and continue it in times of plenty. Starting with a new week. Order and routine are sometimes my best friends.

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