Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Outside

Over the weekend, my husband and I hiked at the Wildlife Preserve out by Lawton, OK.  This morning I was listening to an older episode of Vicky & Jen's 'What Really Matters' podcast that featured Richard Louv, author of "Last Child In The Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder".  Throughout their discussion several interesting points are brought up. Some people are quick to make video games and television the bad guy in childhood problems like obesity, ADD and violence, but Mr. Louv suggests that it may not be the presence of electronic diversions, but the absence of quality time spent in a human's natural environment.  Getting out of the city and literally climbing on rocks, through trees and caverns, and spending a whole day outside was awesome! I'm just disappointed that we can't do it again this weekend.  Our society is full of new diseases or syndromes, trying to blame all of our discomforts on everything. From the way I see it, the further we get away from life the way God created and intended it to be, the more complications we're going to see.  I don't think we need to strip our homes of electricity or anything, but why not learn about the world by being out in it, instead of learning it through the Discovery Channel.  
The weather has turned cooler this week and to me has brought about an amazingly serene feeling in the Butler household. Even Grace & Lizzie, our beautiful dogs, have basked in the peaceful atmosphere by laying out in the backyard, occasionally rough-housing, but mostly just sitting, staring into the blue sky. Its a great dynamic we have going on.  I've added some links regarding getting kids back into nature, if you're interested.

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