Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So, a snappy new day it will be. Even though its almost 2 in the afternoon. How have I even survived on the planet without breaking a bone?

I used to argue that movies with unrealistic, storybook endings were good for society. In my mind, they allowed us to dream for something better - or at least take a break from our reality. I loved movies - I lived off of the highs they gave me. Little did I know that I was shaping a very distorted view and expectation of the world in the process. I walked around creating scenarios in my head that would occur in a movie, but rarely in real life. I would hope for this boy or that boy to bump into me in some romantic, cinematic way, only to find out later that he intended because he had been watching me for weeks. The problem was, I began to subconsciously attempt to create real life scenarios with other people. It was an actual orchestration of life. Of course, it only made things worse, but at the time I never realized that.

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