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The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS: A Truth Becomes Her Review

I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Growing up I had two brothers and no sisters.  In college I was a nanny for two little boys.  Since my experience was dominated by boys, having a little girl of my own was an entirely new affair.  Even today as the boys are 10 and 3 and my girl is 7, the difference between girls and boys are striking.  And my girl is a tomboy and keeps up with the best of them!  Still, her heart is just an entirely different thing.  The beauty of that also offers a challenge of encouraging her with the right combination of sensitivity and adventure.  Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a group of items that strives to touch that tenacious spirit through some great examples in the Bible.  We are talking about The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS and a collection of books from Truth Becomes Her.

What We Received:

We received 4 separate items:

-The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS, a hardback book written by Erin Weidemann.

-RINGLEADERS: Journal for Mothers and Daughters, a paperback book full of writing prompts for mothers and daughters to explore together.

-Ringleaders: A Devotional for Girls, a paperback book for girls to read on their own.

-Ringleaders Coloring Book, a coloring book featuring scenes from the story and scriptures.

How It Works:

RINGLEADERS is a fictional story about Rooney who gets a visit from Mari, a small angel who has the ability to peek in to stories in the Bible and take Rooney with her.  Throughout the book, Rooney is taught helpful truths from women of the Bible and the obstacles they had to overcome along side her own circumstances she finds herself in.  Depending on the age of your girl, this book can be read aloud or she can read it on her own.  My daughter is 7 and she read it on her own just fine.  Along with the story book, the devotional book includes illustrations from the storybook and daily devotions, scriptures and activities.  It can be read on its own, but would lend itself to great discussions if read together between adult and child. The Journal for Mothers and Daughters gives even more space for mom and daughter to respond to each other and to ideas presented in scripture and the book.  Finally, there is a beautiful coloring book that is an anytime anywhere element to remind the girls of scenes and scriptures as they color.

What We Thought:

Because my 10 year old is the oldest in our family, he has gotten more than his fair share of review items over the years.  So when my daughter found out she was getting items only for her, she was really motivated!  Then to discover it was for me to do along with her, she was so happy!  She immediately sat down and started reading.  While she could read all of it on her own, the various different ways I could engage with her on it was really good for her as well as our relationship.  She can get lost in the shuffle sometimes as the middle child and only girl, but this offers a great opportunity for me to focus entirely on her. So much of our culture offers empty or shallow stories and concepts that when we discover something so rich, it's important to dig in! We had never heard of the Bible Belles series, but after this we will certainly look up other books!

Overall, we loved these products and would recommend them for an upcoming holiday or birthday gift for your favorite girl!

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The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS {Truth Becomes Her Reviews}

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