Thursday, September 24, 2020

Young Scholars: A Wisdom Wonder Project Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Even before our world got shoved into a holding pattern, homeschooling had begun to take an exciting turn with an increasing interest in protecting and awakening the wonder of childhood.  With tests and cookie cutter restrictions plaguing many public schools, many started to consider how homeschool could serve them to both effectively education while also cultivating a creative explosion as well.  Today's review of Young Scholars from Wisdom Wonder Project  is designed to do just that.  The tagline on their website says "Making the power, magic, & mystery of learning accessible to the modern homeschool family" that really sums up what many are looking for in their homeschool right now.  Even though we've been homeschooling for at least 6 years, I'm still learning and looking for better ways to accomplish this in our home.


What We Received:

We received access to a full year, including summer months, of the Young Scholars Bundle for 1st/2nd Grade.  This digital bundle includes Literature & History, Science, and Young Masters (an art/artist study) that is downloadable by the month.  Within each file are various links to books, videos and additional resources.  The intended age is 1st - 2nd grade but it can be adjusted to include a variety of ages.  They offer a monthly or annual subscription.  This program is inspired by the Classical Education model.

How It Works:

One of the key elements of the Young Scholars program is it's flexibility.  So, how you use the different units is largely up to you.  At the beginning of each file there is a suggested schedule that you can use or adjust as you like.  Each subject builds upon specific books, followed by activities like journaling, comprehension questions, vocabulary, maps, art, etc.  For Month 1 of the bundle we received, the Literature & History focused on the Ancients, the Science focused on Living Things, and the Young Masters studied Frida Kahlo and the element of Color.  They are in separate files so perfectly fine utilized separately.  It is recommended for the parent/teacher to read through the month's curriculum to get an idea of how to execute it best for your child.  This is also very important to determine what materials need to be acquired.  Some books can be found in the library or read aloud on YouTube, but sometimes it is best to purchase your own copy.  The Literature and History used Story of the World Volume 1 as it's primary book and it covers quite a bit of information that is used over more than one month, making it better to have a copy you can keep.

Watching Frida Read Aloud

What We Thought:

This program is heavily parent/teacher led so for my job as a homeschooler of 3, it is better when I can include all of my children on a particular project.  Honestly, they have trouble leaving me alone when I'm trying to focus on one child!  So, this wouldn't be strictly a 1st or 2nd graders' curriculum.  The beauty is that Little Scholars is so very flexible that it works very well for accommodating other children.

Painting framing patterns on transparencies

My children love art in all forms and this program incorporates arts and crafts into all subjects in addition to the art study itself.  That is a big bonus in my eyes.  I appreciate all of the journaling and comprehension questions because it sets a
precedent of healthy processing of the information they are learning and the curious places the mind continues on to.

Learning is a really beautiful thing and Wisdom Wonder Project seems to highlight that with their intentional and meaningful curriculum.  If you're looking for a program to share with your child rather than just one to dictate to them, check out Little Scholars from Wisdom Wonder Project!

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