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The Action Bible Anytime Devotions: A David C Cook Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Does your family own a copy of The Action Bible from David C Cook?  If you haven't ever read one, I encourage you to look into it because it has been a fun and really powerful tool in our children's Bible study.  My kids received The Action Bible Guess-It Game as a holiday gift and beg to play it every night mostly because they want to beat their sibling at it.  So, when we were given the chance to review  The Action Bible Anytime Devotions, you can bet everyone was excited!

What We Received:

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions is a paperback book with 195 pages that features 90 devotions designed to 'help kids connect with God anytime, anywhere.'  Every page is colorfully illustrated in the same vibrant comic book fashion as The Action Bible itself.  Each devotion is labeled with a category of Love, Courage, Hope, Trust, Faith, Kindness, Strength, or Service and presented in no particular order.  In the front there are  several pages of Contents where the title, subject and passage of Scripture of each devotion is listed followed by some instructions to parents and recommendations on how to get the most out of the book.

How We Used It:

We didn't have a set plan for this book, but simply added it to our reading time rotation.  Since the devotions are not in any kind of set order, it was easy to have someone pick one or two at random with just as much effect as reading from first to last.  It was readily available to my kids and both of them picked it up and just read from it on their own on more than one occasion.  As I've  thought about its usefulness, I could see it being incorporated into a curriculum plan by assigning a devotion as well as the original scripture passage that could include copywork, memorization and completing the (usually written) task located at the end of each devotion.  One of the things my kids really enjoy doing is tracing the pictures in The Action Bible, especially in their comic book form.  That is another great element to engage Bible elements into everything else.

What We Thought:

When I asked my 9 year old son what he thought about this book, this was his response:
"I liked it.  I liked how it put a verse with each one and talked about things in my life.  It answers questions that I had never thought of before."

With each devotion being 2 pages long, it wasn't too much for my almost 3 year old to sit through it so we were able to read from it all together as a family.  With the wider age range between my oldest and youngest, I appreciate being able to share something with the entire family.  The devotions themselves stick close with the intent of the scriptures while tying in common life occurrences that my children can relate to.  That is what it is all about, if you ask me! This is another great tool for developing my children's faith and understanding of God's Word.

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The Action Bible Anytime Devotions {David C Cook Reviews}

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