Thursday, October 17, 2019

Brain Blox: An Educational Wooden Toy Review

I've been reviewing educational materials for over 4 years now and rarely do I across items that are straight up bad or unpleasant.  For the most part, everything we try out has a good use and a proper place in someone's education.  What is rare is a 100% fun AND educational product that all three of my children (8, 6 and 2) can play with together at the same time!  Today's review from Brain Blox did just that! We're talking about Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks  - a set of unique blocks that provided my kids with a lot of imaginative and creative play time. 

 What We Received:

We were given a box of 200 planks and a booklet of ideas on how to use them. On top of that, their website provides some great printable ideas for free! Also in the box was a handy red string backpack that says brain blox on it. 

How It Works:

The slogan on the box is 'Imagine. Build. Repeat.' and that pretty much sums it up! There is no wrong way to use these fun blocks and there are a million right ways! They could be used as manipulatives in working out math problems.  They can top off any school day by 'assigning' students to build something from what they learned that day.  Say we learned about forests today - try your hand at building different kinds of trees.  There are ideas in the booklet included in the box and also examples online of what others have done.  The ideas are endless! Each plank is the exact same size, solidly made from New Zealand Pine. Storing the planks in the box it came in is useful if you are trying to stack things in your game closet, but storing them in the drawstring bag makes clean up faster. 

What We Thought:

All three kids were able to immediately dive in and play with these planks.  Their favorite thing to build was structures or houses with rooms in them.  When I would part with my phone, they would start taking videos of their creation and taking the viewer on a tour of each room!  It seemed pretty silly, but creative nonetheless.  The 9 year old created his own Jenga game to see how high he could get it without it falling.  My 2 year old mostly just stacked them into a big tower when he wasn't knocking over what his brother and sister built, but seemed to enjoy himself either way!  After being a parent for almost 9 years, we have acquired all kinds of toys and certainly a variety of blocks.  So, why would you need another set of blocks?  Maybe you don't, but I can honestly say we did not have anything quite like these that are big enough to handle easily in small hands, but small enough to create interesting designs.  

Her playground with teeter-totters and a zip line! 

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