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A Library and Educational Services LLC Review

Today's review is of company I had never heard of, but in my opinion should be in every Christian educator's back pocket!  When you are always trying to stay within a budget and find materials that are consistent with your worldview, getting a discount on clean, educational books is a win, win for sure.  Library and Educational Services LLC is a wholesale distributor from Southwest Michigan that sells CD's, DVD's and books that align with Biblical standards and values.  The Review Crew was given a chance to try out their service and generously allowed us to order over $70 worth of materials!   We ordered Who Was Louis Braille from the Who Was...? series, The Princess and the Pigs from the Lifehouse Theater CDs series and several choices from the Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books.  It was a great mail day!

How It Works

To be able to order from Library and Educational Services, we first set up a free account.  They ask you to specify what kind of account suits you best, as shown below.  I chose Homeschool of course, but the varying options gives you an idea of how versatile and useful this company can be to many different settings.

Once the account is setup - which was very simple - then you start shopping!  The sidebar provides a lot of categories and there is a search feature at the top of every page.  Each item reveals a list price and their price with a percentage of savings underneath.  After placing our order, we received it within 3-4 business days. For a package coming from Michigan to Oklahoma, I felt that was reasonable.

What We Received
Everything we received was brand new and all books (except for Who Was..?) are good quality hard backed. Altogether, we received 16 books and one CD:
Who Was Louis Braille? by Margaret Frith
The Princess and the Pigs CD from Lifehouse Theater
All About American Symbols - Set of 4 by Alison and Stephen Eldridge:
The Liberty Bell, The Bald Eagle, Mount Rushmore, The Statue of Liberty
Values - Set of 6 -  all by Kimberley Jane Pryor:
Cooperation, Respect, Courage, Tolerance, Kindness, Honesty 
My World of Science - Set of 3 by Joanne Randolph:
Light in My World, Pulleys in My World, & Wedges in My World
Real Life Science Projects - Set of 2 by Ann Benbow and Colin Mably:
Master the Scientific Method with Fun Life Science Projects, Lively Plant Science Projects

How We Used It

With such a wide variety of materials, there was certainly something for everyone!  I think the biggest crowd pleaser was The Princess and the Pigs audio CD.  We listened to it in the car over a day of errands and all three kids (8, 6 and 2) begged to turn it back on every time we got back in the car.  The moral of the story - treating others with kindness, being thankful for what we have, etc - is exactly what squabbling siblings need from time to time.  The value books were interesting to read because they expressly defined the topic in ways I honestly hadn't thought of before.  For example, courage was defined as participating or trying something new.  Accurate, but not a way I had thought about before. Who Was Louis Braille? was more for me than anyone because I had never read about the history of Braille.  The American Symbol series came at a good time where we are just finishing up our survey of United States history. The science books are my attempt to make up for all the interest and follow through I DON'T seem to have when it comes to the mechanics of things. 

What We Thought

No complaints anywhere!  We had no trouble with any part of the process and received high quality books/CDs for a great price.  As an educator, this is a fantastic resource for books and educational materials.

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Every Crew member was able to choose their own books so check out some of the other reviews to see the variety of materials available at Library and Educational Services LLC.
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