Monday, May 6, 2019

To Know and Be Known

This photo is one of my absolute favorites.  Mr. Butler and I were driving to Hot Springs by way of the Talimena  Scenic Drive, but it was crazy foggy and hard to see almost anything.  We pulled over right here and the view from the road was perfect for a picture.  This view embodies the journey of life and the fog that hides our future days sometimes. 

This picture also reminds me of the disappointments in life.  That trip was one of strain and tension.  We had hit some bumps in the marriage road and were trying to recover, but with only small successes.  Like the gloomy December skies, it was hard to find the excitement with so much discouragement lingering about.  Thankfully, a cloudy day doesn't last and disappointment in life can be temporary. 

This one is not a very good photo and certainly isn't something that most people would be inspired by in any way.  On the other hand, this is a reminder of how much Mr. Butler loves me and his children.  This reminds me of the joys that can be had in marriage - despite disappointments and unexpected problems.  Though the picture isn't much to speak of, the content is quite powerful to me.

I've been lovingly teased before because I don't appreciate small talk.  I'm not good at it and it seems terribly pointless.  This is a good illustration of why: The truth and reality of someone's life isn't usually very evident on the surface, certainly not through pictures strategically placed on the internet.  You probably won't know the true highs and lows of my life unless you sit down and talk with me.  Even in my writing, there is always the editing process that attempts to put a better foot forward.  If I ever ask you how you are doing, you better believe I really want to know.  I find small talk difficult because people ask you questions they have no interest in hearing the answers to.  What is that? If you don't want to know, please don't ask to begin with! Ok, rant over. 

My hope is that you live a life of discovery.  Some things are beautiful on the outside, but rotting away inside.  Other things are ugly at first glance, but with more familiarity are full of wonderful things.  Take time to truly know and be known.

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