Monday, April 8, 2019

Things Children Need To Hear

As a parent, you are in charge of a lot of things.  The things we want to teach our kids before they leave home is overwhelming sometimes.  Between their questions and our worries, there is a lot to cover and keep up with.  This mom gets strung out in trying to manage deadlines and looking for introverted downtime that doesn't exist some weeks.  When that happens, I'm definitely not the most encouraging parent and more of the nagging parent.  I understand why I get that way, but it definitely isn't for the best usually.

One thing it does is remind me of what my children need to hear.  Sometimes they need to hear these things to counteract the negative stuff they have heard all day.  Sometimes it is just time for a reminder.  Maybe your family doesn't communicate on emotional matters very often.  The following list is a good spring board into filling your children up emotionally.

-I like you.
-I love you.
-I'm excited about the things you are doing.
-I'm thankful for your good heart.
-I pray for you.
-I love your hugs/smile.
-You have blessed me.
-I'm proud of you.
-You matter to our family.
-God can use you.
-You are really smart/capable/strong.
-You are important.
-I'm glad God gave me you!

In all the stress of life and inherited bias', sometimes the most important things are neglected.  Let's all strive to fill each other up with the important things.

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