Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 - More Than Conquerors

In 2018, we set out to 'Crush It' and while we certainly did in some areas, we found others to be quite overwhelming.  The wear of maintaining 3 kids, not losing the weight fast enough, budgets needing to be tamed, loneliness and anxiety kind of mushroomed on us as the year went on.  After some soul-searching and some time focusing on each other,  Mr. Butler and I have come out on the other side ready to overcome the stuff that has been keeping us down.  

So for 2019, our family theme is taken from Romans 8.  The chapter compares our earthly and physical weakness with the depth of love God went to in order to redeem us.  I have certainly felt the weight of the devil's distractions and hurdles lately.  I'm so thankful that despite the burdens I might be carrying around, God can use it for good and in it we can be more than conquerors through Him.

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