Monday, July 23, 2018

Balance Is NOT Having It All Together

I recently ran across this video that was hilarious and so relevant.  Balance is really important to me and something I think we should all strive for, but this video really helped me define my terms better.

When I promote balance, it doesn't look like having everything together all the time.  It means putting plates down for a while and picking up others.  For me, balance  means I don't stay anywhere permanently.  If you forever work and never play, there will be bad side effects, just as there would be for playing and never working.  

This week I have titled "Mean Mommy Week" because it has become clear that the kids aren't just gravitating up to our household standards.  Mr. Butler and I are having to insist on obedience and proficiency, ignore the loud reluctance and resistance, and administer consequences every. single. time.  This is necessary and the timing is crucial.  Will we live in this mode permanently? Praise the Lord, NO!  They will learn and improve, knowing that they will otherwise have to face constantly consequence.  Eventually, we can relax more and enjoy days a little better, but not yet.

Balance, I think, is filling in the gaps eventually.

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