Friday, June 8, 2018

My New Venture: Daisies & Grace

As you all know, our choice to home school limits my ability to work outside of the home.  Teaching piano from home has been my main source of extra income over the years.  I do love teaching piano, but I don't love how much time it takes away from my own kiddos and how much I should probably charge to make up for that.  What I have always wanted to do, long before kids or homeschooling, was write.  For so many reasons (like naivete, lack of work ethic, etc.), I wasn't ready to seriously head down that road.  However, I am now.

This summer, I am putting together a new freelance writing venture, called Daisies & Grace.  Right now the website is being constructed and then a social media presence will be built.  I'm very excited about it!  While everything is still coming together, I wanted to extend an invitation to my friends and acquaintances regarding the writing services I'm offering.  In every business, hobby or professional capacity, eventually there is a need for written communication - especially online.  Blog posts, website material, articles, newsletters and physical documents to name a few.  If you need help with anything like that, I would love for you to consider me for your next project.  Now is a great time to touch base before my client list gets full.

The past couple of years I have spent a lot of time in educational circles working with curriculum and teaching resources, but longtime followers know I have a passion for health, music, parenting and intentional living as well.  Got an idea, but not sure how to flesh it out?  I love helping with that too.  Whatever the subject matter, I'm happy to help you communicate what's important to you!

the WRITE Balance will continue as usual with occasional crossover and piano lessons will continue as is for now with limited additions.  I'll keep you posted on the developments in the mean time.

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