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Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology: An Apologia Review

One of the most faith affirming concepts I've ever considered is the precision and complexity of the human body.  How anyone can believe that our body fell together by accident is beyond me.  Still, it is hard to find high quality curriculum that acknowledges the obvious creator our body must have had.  Last month we were given the opportunity to review Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology from Apologia that does a beautiful job of teaching all about the human body from a Biblical Worldview and highlights the amazing nature of God throughout the text.  

Anatomy & Physiology
What We Received:
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Text
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Junior Notebooking Journal
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology Notebooking Journal
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD

The textbook is a hardback book divided into 14 lessons that are full of different experiments and activities to try.  Every so often the text will break and have the student discuss what they have learned, giving another chance for the student to interact with the information.  In addition to scripture sprinkled throughout the text, lesson 14, Growth and Development, talks plainly about God's design for us in relation to Him.   The paper and layout are well done and reminds me of an improved version of a college textbook. 

The first big project we did was make an edible cell out of jello and various candies.  With each item we placed in the jello we reminded each other what it's job was in the cell.  They were giddy with excitement and it was an excellent teaching tool!  Most of the projects only require household objects or things easily obtained.  For this curriculum I did purchase a kit that contained all of the necessary items for all of the projects.  I loved this especially because they were organized and labeled by lesson so there was not hunting for things.  It has made me more consistent with completing the activities part of the program and thus definitely worth it, but not necessary at all.

The MP3 Audio CD is a full reading of the text that fills out the auditory needs of learners.  Because my students are 7 and 4, this curriculum isn't something I just assign a reading.  Some of the time we would sit down together to read and discuss the text, but other times they would listen to the CD and complete pages out of the Notebooking Journal. Not only did this reinforce things we would talk about together, but it also allowed me to be free to do other things for a while.  With a 1 year old cruising around, that is a big plus!  The one challenge with this CD is that is an MP3 and not necessarily compatible with all CD players, but we were able to get it to work on our laptop just fine.

The Notebooking Journal and the Junior Notebooking Journal contain a suggested schedule of activities and the corresponding writing activities like vocabulary lift the flap, copywork in print and cursive, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, note-taking pages, fill-in-the-blank, matching, full color printings of various projects like the mini-books  and the personal person that showcases all the systems, and more.  The Junior Journal is what my 7 year old used because the regular journal is geared more towards 3rd/4th grade and older students with more difficult crossword puzzles and review questions, though both contained all of the fun cutout activities.


This curriculum is extremely dense with information and activities.  My 7 and 4 year old certainly gained from it, but I can see it being revisited a few years later for even more value.  Between the glimpses of God woven throughout the text, the multi-sensory approach in the program and the generosity of Apologia by including so many elements in this set, we were so very blessed by this review.
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