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A+ Interactive Math by A+ TutorSoft Inc.: An Online Math Program Review

A+ Interactive Math
No matter how much the world expects learners to follow a simple step by step journey through learning, life and learning can be complicated and messy.  Sometimes things click and sometimes they don't.  We love homeschooling for that very reason.  When things don't click, we make adjustments.  A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)  and their   Adaptive Math Curriculum Online is our latest review and it has been a great tool in making adjustments for concepts that haven't clicked yet or got overlooked.  

Adaptive Math

A+ Interactive Math's Adaptive Math Curriculum is an online math program for grades 1-6 (including Pre-Algebra) that evaluates students' skill levels and then provides video lessons, interactive question and answers and opportunities to retest on areas that need work.  We received a 1-year subscription for up to 10 students.  The program is completely online and works with both Windows and Mac platforms, as well as mobile devices.  It does rely on Adobe Flash so whatever browser you use must support that in order for it to work.  The curriculum is designed to adapt to the students' needs and functions much like a personal online tutor, providing an individualized plan to cover any and all gaps in learning.  Grading, testing and summary reporting are all included which allows the parent/teacher to keep track with not a lot of work involved.

How We Used It:

When I was pregnant with the Race Car, I was really sick and J did a lot more independent schoolwork during first grade than we had planned for.  In math there was a section about measurements that required my involvement so at the time we just skipped over it to the next section he felt more comfortable being self-guided.  Fast forward to now when he's happily learning multiplication and division, but we never revisited the measurement section.  When he took the placement test, it was no surprise that Measurement was one of the skills he didn't do well on.  So, he started with video lessons and worksheets until he felt confident to try the test.  In this way, we used this program to narrow in on his clear weaknesses until he mastered them.  

What We Liked:
Every video lesson has interactive review questions at the end with immediate feedback on how you did.  When you get an answer wrong, you know it immediately and then it explains what the right answer is.  The process of learning isn't interrupted for grading, but instead carries you through the process.  Whether you get an answer right or wrong, it gives an encouragement of some kind.  As silly as it might seem, it really seemed to appropriately motivate J to be proud of himself or try it again.  Also, the lessons are very succinct and to the point, which we found to be really helpful in J's mastery of the individual skills.  The program is really effective at zeroing in on what's lacking and providing all the tools to fix it!

A+ Interactive Math also offers a Family Math Package that covers 1st grade through Algebra for up to 10 students.  This option makes all content and grades available which is helpful for multiple students at varying grade levels.  Check out some of the other reviews if this sounds more appropriate for your circumstance.

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